Wuyi Kungfu Eagle Industry is a highly respected manufacturer of abrasive products for various industrial applications. We produce resin grinding wheels, diamond chop saw wheels, polishing wheels, and much more. These products are processed into various sizes and styles for different applications but the general functions remain the same as all abrasives: polishing, grinding, and cutting. Our abrasives are carefully designed and produced to meet strict industry standards and are sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Customers choose us because of high quality products, reasonable prices, timely delivery, and great after-sales services. Contact us today to learn more! Read More

Custom Made

有在利来国际网站 Grinding wheel: size, material, color, net and wash
Flap disc: size, material, grit, package, number of blades, width and length
Nonw oven polishing: size, material, color, grit, density and packaging
Chop saw blade: size and packaging

利来国际网站娱乐平台 1. Raw materials: Our company has selected a number of excellent suppliers to provide us with high-quality raw materials. We also maintain a sufficient inventory to prevent delays in the production process.
2. Production scale: 4 automatic mixing machines, 30 automatic molding machines, 10 drying ovens, 2 automatic packaging lines, 2 automatic testing equipment and 2 manual testing equipment. The annual production capacity is up to 100 million pieces. Read More